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This decal is designed to cover the rear window. These decals do not come in a precut option and will require trimming. If you have little experience in installing graphics we recommend going to a shop to have them installed or visit our Youtube channel and watch how doable it is to install them. Check out our new Shadow Black and Desert Tan options too! 

The most popular color is matte black

Driver and Passenger options available

Orders typically ship within 3 business days


We want to make sure that we provide the best experience as possible so for every order you are guaranteed the following:

- 14 day warranty (from the date your order is delivered)

If your order arrives damaged we will gladly send you a replacement. This warranty is only valid if the decals have NOT been installed yet.

- 1 year warranty (after 14 day warranty passes)

The vinyl we use to create your order with is manufactured to endure 5 years of outdoor conditions. If within the first year you install your decal and see peeling this warranty will cover the replacement of your decals.

Terms and conditions apply for both warranties.


*For custom requests, fill out the custom design form in our contact section.

Please keep in mind that most materials, such as the matte black in the picture, is not transparent. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review