Winter Jeep Patriot Installs

We recently installed an American flag set on a Jeep Patriot. It was between 40-50 degrees F with little gusts of wind. We do not recommend for first time installers to work under these conditions, but if this is the warmest where you may be from can get then continue reading to ensure a successful install.



- Flatten decal and use a squeegee to get any air bubbles that may have form. 

- Assistance. Usually in a form of helping hands, tape, or magnets. 

- Heat gun and an extension cord. If you have a garage and a space heater, this can create a warm enough environment.


- Clean the window you want to first install the flag on with a window cleaner.

- With the use of your heat gun or space heater, warm up your flag. This will keep the vinyl from getting brittle.

- Peel the backing paper. You can either take it off entirely or peel it as you squeegee the flag onto the window. Since the Patriot flag is not too long, we took off the backing paper completely. 

- Hover the flag over the window until it covers it evenly by holding the flag's corners. Once you have obtained the best placement for your flag, stick the corners onto the car and star squeegeeing the flag from the center to the either side. 

- To prevent any mistakes, as you are squeegeeing the flag, lift the nearest corner to ensure you are not creating any air bubbles. Continue to do this for the rest of the corners when you squeegee towards their side. 

- After you have made sure that the decal is squeegeed well onto the window, peel the transfer paper from the upper most corner of the stars and work towards the stripes. 

- Warm up the decal before trimming. Your flag should not be cold for too long or else it would be become too brittle to wrap around the window.

-  Trim any excess of the decal around the window and wrap the decal around the window for a clean look. 

- Do the same for the next window. 


We know that sometimes people get our flags as gifts for the holidays and get so excited and just want to install them instantly. Though we enjoy the enthusiasm for our products we want to make sure you are all informed of the best way to install them. 

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